9 Spacecrafts That changed The Way We See The Universe

spacecrafts that changed the way we see the universe

1. Galileo Spacecraft

Galileo Spacecraft – First to measure Jupiter’s atmosphere & fly past an asteroid.

2. Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Spirit & Opportunity Rovers – Discovered dust devils and ancient acidic lakes.

3. Kepler Mission

Kepler Spacecraft – Discovered 1000s of alien planets orbiting other stars.

4. Spitzer Mission

Spitzer Spacecraft – First telescope to detect light from extrasolar planets.

5. The Interstellar Mission

Voyager 1 Spacecraft – First to cross solar bubble and enter interstellar space.

6. WMAP Mission

WMAP Spacecraft – Discovered approximate age of the Universe.

7. New Horizons Mission

New Horizon Spacecraft – First ever close-up study of Pluto.

8. Pioneer Mission

Pioneer 10 Spacecraft – First spacecraft to enter the asteroid belt and fly to Jupiter and Saturn.

9. Rosetta Mission

Philae Lander – First spacecraft to land on a comet and provide close-up photos.

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