Titan Space Boat

Scientists plan to land a “space boat” on Saturn’s moon Titan. The boat will search for life on a giant methane lake.


Planet Distances

We’ve created a matrix to display distances between all the planets in our solar system.


Are We Weird?

New research suggest that our solar system isn’t as typical as we might have thought.


Movie Moments

Our 5 favourite ‘space’ movie scenes of all time with some you might not expect…


Curiosity Descent

Unbelievable HD footage of Mars Curiosity’s descent stage on August 6th 2012.


NASA Missions

What future missions are in store for NASA following the successful landing of Mars Curiosity?


Curiosity Images

The Curiosity rover is exploring Mars and is regularly sending images back to Earth. Here is a gallery of our favourites.


Curiosity Streams

On this momentous day, where will you watch the Mars Curiosity landing from?


Habitable Planets

A quick look at our new habitable planets section on the website.


Pluto's 5th Moon

The moon, named P5 was spotted by the Hubble space telescope in July 2012.


Mars Panorama

NASA’s fascinating panoramic view of the Martian surface. “The next best thing to being there”.


Orion Spacecraft

NASA has unveiled its latest manned spacecraft due for its first test flight in 2014.


Fiction to Fact

Today we’re discussing three unbelievable space projects that are no longer restricted to science fiction.

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MSL Landing Time

The Mars Science Laboratory was launched on 26th November 2011 and landed on August 6th.


Mars Mission

A quick look at how the Mars Science Laboratory will reach and operate on Mars.


Mars One Project

Mars One will attempt to build a human colony on the Red Planet in just 11 years from now.


Shenzhou 9 Launch

China’s first step towards a manned lunar landing. Shenzhou 9 launches in the next few days.


China: Shenzhou 5

In the build up to China’s latest manned space launch, we take a look at the history of Chinese exploration.


Curiosity Rover

Pioneering Martian rover Curiosity finishes its epic journey in less than 2 months.


Venus Transit 2012

Where did you watch the Venus transit? Share your stories and view our gallery.