Where to Watch the Mars Curiosity Landing Online? (Mars Science Laboratory)

Curiosity has been on Mars for:


It’s less than a week to go until Curiosity blazes through the Martian atmosphere and performs the most ambitious landing in the history of space exploration. The World will be holding their breath as we experience the most significant planetary mission of all time… but where can you get the latest news and video from?

Watch Online

  • Live stream from NASA TV.
  • Live video stream from NASA’s ustream channel with commentary.
  • Live video stream from NASA’s ustream channel without commentary.
  • Universe Today’s live Google+ Hangout.

The above streams will be available to watch from 4:30am GMT on August 6th, with the entry and landing scheduled for around 6:30am GMT.

Other Online Updates

  • Live updates from the Mars Curiosity Twitter account.
  • Updates and highlights from Space.com.

We will continue adding to this list of streams and information as and when we find them. If you are watching or listening in to the Curiosity landing from another website please leave it in the comments and we will add it to the list.

Happy streaming!

Update 03.08.12

Universe Today has announced that they will be hosting a 4 hour Google+ Hangout. The hangout will feature discussion, commentary and video of Curiosity’s landing and will feature several special guests (from SETI and The Planetary Society to name a couple).

You can register for the hangout using the updated link list above; leave a comment if you have any questions.

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